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V.T. Raceway was designed and built to be user-friendly for all ages and abilities. 

Special Features Include:

  • Adjustable Voltage: Helps reduce crashing, frustration, race downtime and more.
  • Choice of Plunger or Trigger Controller: Options for individuals with fine motor issues.
  • Four (4) Color-Coded Lanes: Helps with discrimination and more.
  • Stimulating Décor.
  • Theme Cars (e.g. Anime/Manga, Mario Bros., Pixar: Cars,  SpongeBob, Transformers, etc.).
  • Track Direction Reversible: Helps with problem-solving, transitions and more.
  • Track Height: 32″ from floor. Accessible for all ages & abilities, individuals can race seated on chairs, panoramic view with no blind spots and more.
  • Track Length (68.06 ft.); Footprint (18.27 ft. x 6.84 ft.): Large and challenging enough to maintain one’s interest and not overwhelm them.
  • Various Slot Car Scales (e.g. 1/43 & 1/32) & Types (e.g. Vintage, Modern, etc.).

For further inquiries, please call (858) 521-8446.