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V.T. Raceway is available to anyone, regardless of age or ability, who wants to visit Vocal T.R.A.C.K. Speech & Language Therapy Center during regular business hours to Race, Tune and/or Test Slot Cars (rented or their own).


  • To secure V.T. Raceway for yourself or group, please make a reservation at least 24 Hours before arrival.

COST (N/A to Club Members):

  • 1 Hour: $20 (Per Person).
  • ½ Hour: $10 (Per Person).
  • Family/Group (3 to 6 People): $15 (Per Person; Each Hour).
  • Seniors (65+), Active/Retired Military, Fire, Police, Teachers: $15 (Per Person; Each Hour; Proof Required).


  • Slot Cars (1/43 & 1/32 Scales), Controllers & Track Rental.
  • Corner Marshalls/Pit Crew.
  • Race Coordinator.
  • Real-Time Race Results.

CUSTOMER LOYALTY PROGRAM (N/A to V.T. Raceway Slot Car Club Members):

  • Complete 10 Hours Race Time…Win a FREE 1/43 Slot Car of your choosing!
  • Complete 20 Hours Race Time…Win a FREE 1/32 Slot Car (Carrera or Scalextric brand)!   

For further inquiries, please call (858) 521-8446.