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    • 1/43 (e.g. Carrera GO! Cars). 
    • 1/32 (all brands). 
    • 1/24 (all brands).

    • 32DD (1/32 Direct Drive).
    • Plastic (e.g. BRM, Carrera, MRRC, Revell/Monogram, Scale Auto, Scalextric,, etc.).
    • Scratch Built Hard Body & D3s.
    • Steelies & Flexis (High Downforce, Low/Medium Downforce & NASCAR Sedan & Sports Cars).
    • Super 32.
    • Vintage (handicap lap adjustment will be applied).
    • Wing Cars.
    • Womps (all bodies).

    • Modified: A car that’s been upgraded for high performance.
    • Stock: A car without any body, chassis, hardware or motor modifications. However, Added Weight, Painted Front Tires, Replacing Stock Tires with “Grippier” Tires, Standard Maintenance, Treated Tires and Trued Tires are acceptable.

    • Class A: Highly experienced. Expert knowledge/understanding of Slot Cars and Racing.
    • Class B: Some past/present experience. Basic knowledge/understanding of Slot Cars & Racing.
    • Class C (Rookie): Little/no experience with Slot Cars or Slot Car Racing.

    *A Class B or C Driver who wins the most races in a Quarter will be moved up a Class. For example, Class C Drive moves up to Class B; Class B Driver moves up to Class A.


    • Mixed Class Race: A race that includes all Driver Classes (A, B, C).
    • Single Class Race: A race that includes 1 Driver Class.  For example, Class A only, Class B only, etc.

    V.T. Raceway is all about Courtesy, Fair Play and Respect.  Therefore, all race participants, when not Driving, will act as Corner Marshalls until it is their turn to race.  Corner Marshalling is a great way to hone Concentration, Memory-Recall, Task Maintenance and Whole-Body Listening skills.

    A Corner Marshall’s job is simple.  If/when a car(s) crash in a corner you are Marshalling, you carefully and quickly put the car(s) back into their slot on the track so they can continue racing.  The Driver who caused the crash (intentionally or not) is the last one placed back into their slot on the track.

    *Anyone who refuses to Corner Marshall for their fellow Drivers will be disqualified.  


    V.T. Raceway requires all Club Member Drivers to submit their modified or stock magnet Slot Car to the Race Coordinator or V.T. Staff for inspection and One Gee Testing (OGT) before racing.

    OGT is a simple method of determining if a Slot Car has too much magnet, thereby giving its Driver and unfair advantage over others.

    OGT involves placing a magnet Slot Car on a section of Test Track. The car is lined up evenly with the contacts on the Test Track. The Test Track, with the car magnetically attached, is then slowly and carefully turned over.

    OGT Compliant cars will fall off the Test Track. Non-Compliant OGT cars will either hang off or remain stuck to the Test Track.

    Drivers of Non-Compliant OGT cars will be given 15-minutes to reduce the traction of their car’s magnet(s) by repositioning them, replacing them with weaker ones, adding weight to the front of their car, and/or fluffing the braids. Thereafter, if the car still is not OGT Compliant, the Driver will be excluded from racing.


*All Race Formats can have variable Heat Times: For example, 1 Minute, 2 Minutes, etc.

Breakout Race:

This is a Skill race. Before the start of the race, a specific Breakout Time is established (e.g. Projected time it will take a Driver’s car to complete 1 lap around V.T. Raceway (e.g. 3.5 sec., 4 sec., 4.5 sec., etc.). If/when a Driver goes faster than the Breakout Time, they receive a penalty (loss of 1 lap).

For Example: A Round Robin race format Breakout Time for all Drivers is set at 5.0 seconds. During the race, anytime a Driver’s car goes below 5.0 seconds, they lose 1 lap. To win the race, the challenge is for a Driver to stay as close to 5.0 seconds as possible, without going below it, and completing the most laps.

At the end of 4 Heats, points (equal to the total number of participants) are awarded to all Drivers (per class) based on how many laps they completed. The Driver with the most points is declared winner. Club Member’s points get added to their Quarterly Tally.

Round Robin Race:

This is a Timed race. Four (4) Drivers begin the race in a randomly chosen Color-Coded lane (e.g. Blue, Green, Yellow, Red). At the end of the Heat, which can last 1, 2 or 3 minutes, each Driver then rotates to the next Color-Coded lane before being replaced by the next set of Drivers. In other words, Driver on Blue lane rotates to Green, Driver on Green lane rotates to Yellow and so on.

At the end of 4 Heats, points (equal to total number of participants) are awarded to all Drivers (per class) based on how many laps they completed. The Driver with the most points is declared winner.  Club Member’s points get added to their Quarterly Tally.

Shunt Race:

Popular with Kids, Teens & Rookies.  In auto racing, Shunt means Crash. Rules are simple.  You Shunt…You’re Out!

Single Lane Heats range from 30 seconds to 1 minute. If a Driver crashes, they are out for the remainder of the Heat.

The sole Driver with the most laps and no crashes is declared winner.  The winner receives Points comparable to the total number of Drivers in the Race. Club Member’s points get added to their Quarterly Tally.

Team Race:

This is a Friendship-Building & Mentoring race. First, 2 Teams are established (e.g. X & Y).To avoid cliques and encourage friendship-building, Team Members for each Group are decided by random picks from a hat by the Race Coordinator or V.T. Staff.

The goal of a Team Race is to give inexperienced Drivers the opportunity to race against other inexperienced Drivers for points in all races while racing alongside experienced Drivers (this enables mentoring).

Points are awarded for the most overall laps completed during a race. The Team with the most laps is awarded 1st place points.  Second Place Team is awarded 2nd place points and so on. Regardless of Team, 1 Bonus Point will be awarded to the Team (all Drivers) with the Driver that had the overall, single fastest lap time.

For further inquiries, please call (858) 521-8446.