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The acronym, T.R.A.C.K., stands for Trust, Respect, Ability, Collaboration and Knowledge.

These ideals serve as the foundation for the services we provide and environment at Vocal T.R.A.C.K. Speech & Language Therapy Center.

Trust. The key to establishing a relationship with clients and families begins with Trust.  Trust, not only in our work, but also commitment to Excellence.  

Respect. We cultivate Respect by acknowledging our clients Culture and Privacy.  

Ability. Teaching and learning begin with a Clinician’s ability to creatively find a gateway to a client’s strengths to set them up for success.   

Collaboration. Since there is no single solution to address a client’s issues, Collaboration with their team, comprised of Clinicians, Family, Friends, Caretakers, Educators, etc., must routinely occur to develop attainable, clear and measurable Goals.

Knowledge. To us, Knowledge is not only about current intervention techniques or methodologies.  Equally important is Knowledge about our client’s Background, Capabilities, Ethnicity, Thoughts and Wants/Needs.