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Vocal T.R.A.C.K. Speech & Language Therapy Center, Inc. has been established to provide all ages and abilities speech, language, and multi-disciplinary therapy (mono & bilingual) to special needs individuals and their families.

Owned and managed by Christian Grasso and Noemi Grasso who are both California licensed and American Speech-Language-Hearing (ASHA) clinically certified speech & language pathologists, the facility serves as a premier provider of speech and language therapy and related services, including: Activities of Daily Living (ADL) and Functional Living Skill Intervention; American Sign Language (ASL); Applied Behavioural Analysis (ABA); Art Therapy; and a lot more.

(For more information, check our full list of services)

Why choose Vocal T.R.A.C.K

Great dedication to work provides Vocal T.R.A.C.K an edge over other service providers in Rancho Bernardo and the surrounding areas. The facility is a uniquely qualified provider of the above-mentioned services as it is the only known domestic or international therapy center with an adapted, all ages and abilities Slot Car Racing Track used as an intervention tool to teach / implement an array of activities such as those meant for behavioral management, cognition and learning, confidence building, cultural integration, among others. (Check out our Vocal Track Raceway page to see the full list of activities)

Vocal T.R.A.C.K great features:

  • Center-based therapy (No travel)

  • Collaboration, Co-Treatment & Mentoring

  • Creative freedom with lessons you make & implement

  • Depending on client need and your professional judgement, choice to provide 1:1 therapy or small group instruction

  • Freedom to choose the case(s) you want (No random, mandatory number of case assignments or evaluations)

  • Freedom to set your own monthly schedule (VT is open seven (7) days a week; Mon.- Fri.; 9:00 AM-7:00 PM; Sat. & Sun.; 9:00 AM-5:00 PM)

  • Opportunities to be a part of center-based seminars/trainings

  • “Out-of-the-Box” intervention & evaluations

  • Resources

  • Two (2) spacious, newly renovated therapy suites plus use of our Slot Car Racing Track for intervention or formal and informal assessments

For inquiries, contact us at (858) 521-8446 .

Noemi Grasso, M.S., CCC-Speech & Language Pathologist, V.T. Co-Owner, Secretary & Treasurer

Christian Grasso, M.S., CCC-Speech & Language Pathologist, V.T. Co-Owner & President
Work: (858) 521-8446
Cell: (917) 589-3430

Vision Statement

Vocal T.R.A.C.K. Speech & Language Therapy Center’s credo is Trust, Respect, Ability, Collaboration, and Knowledge. Our goal and responsibility is to always incorporate these components into the intervention services we provide so that individuals with distinct abilities and their families can have a better Quality of Life.

Our vision is to put into action carryover activities to promote generalization, creative intervention strategies, and resources and methods parents and caregivers can use to facilitate teaching and learning at home and in the community. Regardless of age or ability, our ongoing mission is to support individuals with distinct abilities by acknowledging their wants and needs and giving them unconditional love and respect.